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I like the fact that now there is a real opportunity to rent a prostitute in Cancun - and of course you need to take advantage of it. For myself I have long started to use Pander resource, which is great for me in all respects. There are a lot of beautiful girls on the site you can choose from.
Maybe not pornstars, but cam girls for me there are some big historic ones.

Katenixon was an old skool mfc model with perfect body, fun personality, and was very dirty.

I used to have maybe 50 pvt anal videos with her fucking her ass, ATM with gagging and more. And she didn't look like a slut at all so it was hotter.

If I remember right she was actually a stripper and also met some viewers around Europe. I remember people discussing meeting her on some forums wayyyy back in the day.

DreamofAnalia was another great one. Amazing ass, kind of boring ,(not as dirty as Katenixon), but still got me off all the time. I have some recordings saved from her time and there is some online too. I lost a video of her in schoolgirl uniform that I still regret. She got pregnant I think and quit camming.

Crazydream was a Polish blonde girl that looked amazing too, but she was only on some smaller sites, so no real record exists.

I love cam girls back then because of how unprofessional it was. Normal girls revealing their slut side!

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