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She has a free trial for a month that is not worth it. She only has 1 picture of her tits on her page and she just spams you with PPV stuff. She advertises full length videos. I really wanted to see her tits and bought 2 of the bundles.

One was a 5 Full Length Sex videos for $12 and the other was 3 full Length solo videos for $10. Out of the 8 videos, there were zero tits!

The sex videos were worse than the solo videos because she was almost fully clothed in them and all the angles were terrible so you couldn't see penetration. There was a BJ video, but there wasn't even a cum shot on her face. You could barely see any pussy in the sex videos.

Out of the 3 solo videos, she did some pretty good penetration on one of them, but like I said, absolutely no tits at all. I messaged her saying there was a disturbing lack of tits video being there were no tits in 8 full length videos. She claimed that she just got them done and that they're healing. Well the one picture with her tits, I'm pretty sure they were real and when she does show her new tits, I don't even want to see them because I hate fake tits.

Free content/1 month Trial, not worth it. Paid content, definitely not worth it IMO.


The older I get, the better I was.
Damn, sorry to hear but big thanks for catching the bullet for the rest of us! (y)

The audacity of these hoes...


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